Analyze FlightLogs/Telemetry with Q500log2kml 2017-12-05

Display or convert Typhoon H/H920/Q500/Chroma/350QX/Breeze FlightLog data

  1. h-elsner
    • Evaluate and convert telemetry data from copter (Typhoon H, Typhoon H Plus, Q500, Chroma, 350QX, Yuneec Breeze, Mantis Q and H520) as KML- or KMZ-files (flight path for Google Earth), GPX for other map services, for import to Dashware (not for Breeze due to missing profile) in order to get telemetry data in videos or as HTML-Report for documentation.
    • Overview with some important information for the flights in a table form (ceiling, max. air speed, max. distance, warnings, etc).
    • Browse raw data of telemetry files.
    • Graphic elevation histogram and voltage curve.
    • Analyze a predefined data area to see i.e average speed, climb rate…
    log2kml_en_overview.png log2kml_en_table.png
    Four new flight modes (f_mode) added:
    26 FMODE_TASK_CCC (Task Curve Cable Cam)
    27 FMODE_TASK_JOUR (Task Journey)
    28 FMODE_TASK_POI (Task Point of Interest)
    29 FMODE_TASK_ORBIT (Task Orbit)
    32 IPS

    imu_status "Aircraft Sonar On" is bit 4 (=16).

    Update V2.3: Support of older ST10 Firmware, Cursor in chart improved.
    Update V2.4: Support for Typhoon H and H920; Check of frequency of telemetry data.
    Update V2.5: Offline CCC waypoint editor for YTH.
    Update V2.6: Better analysis of Radio connection data. Docu updated.
    Update V2.7: Yuneec Breeze added. Support of latest Typhoon H firmware improved (negative values in status with correct interpretation)

    Now version V2.8 is out. What's new?
    - f_mode 32 (IPS) added
    - screenshot of the whole application window possible
    - output format for RaceRender added (without profile)
    - you can select between absolute and relative altitude in KML export (both have advantages and disadvantages)
    - new feature 'Quick analysis' shows 3 selectable histograms at the same time for better analysis
    - you can cut a (important) part from the FlightLog into a new FlightLog for deeper analysis.
    FlightLog Auswertung.png

    Now we are at version 3.2. New features are:
    - f_mode 33 'Waypoints' added
    - Main menu added and last used directories will be saved in a drop-down list.
    - control for CGO3 added, test environment for commands to CGO3
    - flight record added (text or CSV), overview improved
    - movement of pilot in KML/KMZ from RemoteGPS
    - Search function for 'Display files' introduced

    Version 3.4 is available. CCC Waypoint Editor was removed. Context sensitive hints in data tables added. Native MAC OS X version available.

    Download Win:
    MAC OS X:

    Version 3.5 is available for Windows and LINUX, links above.
    - KML/KMZ files are playable in GoogleEarth.
    - Profiles for Quick Analysis.
    - Better navigation in long FlightLog data by detailled view of some important columns like f_mode with timestamps.
    - Popup menu in Quick analysis to shortcut Setting during workflow.

    Version 3.6 only for LINUX and Windows 64bit
    - Flight record moved to new page "Scan"
    - Added scanning a whole directory with FloghtLogs for special cases (like crashes, compass errors and so on) at page "Scan"
    - Display Sensor records but without interpretation (PL ... payload, meaning of the values unknown).


    Version 3.7: First steps for Flight2Log from Typhoon H Plus (ST16 data). Links for Windows 64bit and LINUX 64 bit as above.
    MAC OS X remains on V3.4; 32-bit version no more supported.
    Now Version 4.0 is out.
    2018-07-24 V3.8 AppLog added, Text messages from Sensor files listed there.
    MAV-Link Message IDs updated, Severity added to text messages.
    2018-08-15 Typhoon H Plus Smart Mode and Manual Mode added.
    2018-08-27 Updates for Sensor files.
    2018-09-14 SHARPNESS for CGO3+ updated, TeamMode at Gimbal Pan Mode.
    2018-09-28 Coordinates from GPS_RAW_INT in AppLog, Message names in Sensor
    file display for Typhoon H Plus.
    2018-10-02 V3.9 Mantis Q Support, H Plus sensor files renamed to PX4 sensor files
    in menu. System health information from PX4 sensor files added
    to AppLog.
    2018-10-24 Identification of Mantis Q flylog files improved. Flight path
    from PX4 sensor files as KML/KMZ or GPX file.
    2018-10-28 Show sensor files faster.
    2018-10-29 Reverse geocoding removed, Bugfix: Mantis Q identification,
    Check only Heartbeat from AUTOPILOT1
    2018-11-03 V4.0 H520 *.tlog files support added similar to Mantis Q.
    Batch conversion, button 'Convert' to KML/KMZ or GPX files
    works now also for Mantis Q and H520.
    Quick analysis filled: Voltage, current and SW-load.
    Elevation histogram filled: Relative elevation and distance to first
    2018-11-20 Vertical lines in KML/KMZ can be switched on (Extrude). Flight
    times for Typhoon H Plus improved (Overview and Flight records).
    2018-12-07 Added envelope to Elevation histogram.
    2018-12-22 Crosshair Tool recreated and streamlined.

    Version 4.1 released with better support for Mantis Q, Typhoon H Plus and H520.

    2019-01-09 V4.1 PX Sensor data export to CSV file.
    Some more MAV messages decoded.
    2019-01-15 Self-defined CSV format changed - more flexible.
    RF channels added.
    Show self-defined PX4 Sensor CSV format.
    Some important H520 MAV messages added.
    2019-01-26 Optimization auto size columns.
    2019-02-28 Time since system boot as context hint telemetry for H Plus.

    Last update: 2019-Mar-01
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