CGO2GB/+ Gimbal Firmware 1.22

CGO2GB/+ Gimbal Firmware

  1. midego
    1. Gimbal camera is able to pitch 30° up while attached to SteadyGrip.

    2. Pitch Follow is added so that gimbal camera tracks SteadyGrip in pitch direction.

    · To Enter Pitch Follow:
    1) Power on SteadyGrip, wait until gimbal initialization completes.
    2) Tilt SteadyGrip 90° to the left or right side, hold it for about 3 seconds.
    3) The green Gimbal LED Status Indicator on top will blink from once per second to 4 times per second when enter Pitch Follow.

    Note: When SteadyGrip is in Pitch Follow feature, the gimbal camera tracks SteadyGrip in pitch direction, and the gimbal
    pitch control roller wheel on SteadyGrip is disabled.

    · To Exit Pitch Follow:
    Repeat the above procedures to exit Pitch Follow.