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  1. Stinger
    Chroma Log Converter (Version 1.0)

    for 'Blade Chroma Camera Drone' by Horizon Hobby (C) and 'ST-10+' by Yuneec (C)

    #1 Converts Telemetry-Files you can download from your ST-10+ TX to a format usable within DashWare (C).
    A DashWare-Template is included as well.

    #2 Outputs a *.csv for 'GPSBabel' (C) in the same operation, which can be further converted to a *.kml for viewing your flight in Google Earth.
    Batch-File (using GPSBabel) for doing this second step is also included.

    Time for these two steps (from copying files to PC until watching your flightpath in Google Earth) approx. 60 seconds.

    Installation: Unzip to C:\
    Please read the manual found in 'C:\ChromaLogConverter\Doc\' carefully before first use!

    Tested with Blade Chroma 4K and ST-10+ only, but it should work with any 'telemetryXXXX.csv'-logfile that has the SAME structure.
    20151231 14:51:03:791,-27,12.5,0.0,0.87,47.000000,15.000000,0.01,false,3,6,-0.82,227.12,3.46,15,33,1,0,21,16,false,4,0,2.3


    DashWare-Template (metric) - Imperial template is included too!
    Preview - DashWare-Template.jpg

    KML-File in Google Earth:
    Preview - KML-File.jpg

    Have fun flying and stay save!
    Stinger :)

    Please write comments, suggestions or questions concerning this download to
    "Chroma Log Converter (Download) --- Q&A":

    Thank you for any info that may help further improve CLC!
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