Q500 4K firmware v1.07

Q500 4K firmware

  1. midego
    How to upgrade the firmware on your Q500+ Typhoon

    Make sure you have the GUI application installed from here before continuing with the process below.

    Firstly, you’ll need to make sure you have the latest USB drivers installed. You can get them from here. Once downloaded, install them and then restart your PC / Laptop.

    On the Q500. Remove the battery (If installed) and locate the cable on the top right of the chassis. This is the receiver cable. Use the tweezers to help you pull them out gently. Once the cable is safely out, disconnect the connector (This is for the receiver)

    Locate the USB Configuration tool which shipped with your Yuneec Q500 Typhoon. Remove the Gimble extension cable from the end. Plug the cable into the Receiver socket going to the Q500 Flight controller.

    Gently and carefully re-insert the Q500 Battery pack, ensuring you do not catch or snag the cable in the process. Once the battery is in and the USB cable is connected to your computer, load up the GUI application.

    Power on the Yuneec Q500. You should now see diagnostics of your Q500. Locate the firmware option on the top left of the main GUI window and select firmware update. The software should either automatically locate your downloaded firmware file or you will need to search for it. Once located, click begin firmware update.

    Wait till the process completes. It will ask you to reboot the Q500 – that’s it! Clicking on the device information option should now look something like this!