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ST10 Firmware

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    How to upgrade the firmware on your ST10 Controller

    1. First transfer all the ST10 firmware files to an empty microSD card and insert it into the microSD card slot underneath of the ST10’s battery.
    • The ST10 firmware files include a 'firmware' document and an 'update' zip. The '' is the ST10 system firmware. Do not extract it.
    • The firmware document, includes a 'rf' and 'tx' folder that should never be renamed. The 'rf' folder contains the firmware 'st10_rf_vXX.XX.bin' and the 'tx' folder contains the firmware 'st10_tx_bXX.bin'.

    2. Power on the ST10, select 'System Settings' and click ‘OK’.

    3. Click 'About Flight Mode Control' and 'Radio Control Update', then select TX file 'st10_tx_bXX.bin' from the microSD card and click ' Update Tx'.

    4. Select RF file 'st10_rf_vXX.XX.bin' from the microSD card, click 'Update RF' and click ‘Finish’.

    5. Click on ‘System Update' and click ‘OK’. The ST10 will automatically detect the ST10 System firmware file on the microSD card and will update it.

    Check 'Build number' at any time to see if it is updated.

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Recent Updates

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