v1.07 (previous v1.05) with altitude restriction removed 2016-03-13

For customers 8000' above sea level.

  1. Jagerbomb52
    Yuneec wanted to let you guys know They have a V1.07 (previous V1.05) with altitude restriction removed for customers 8000' above sea level.

    Customer's review.

    I'm the one who tested the new firmware last October of 2015. I live in Denver and took my Typhoon up to Echo Lake. (10,000ft.) I used the Aeronaut carbon fiber propellers and I was very satisfied with the 3 day's of testing.
    Just one word of caution...make sure you are in lateral flight on your descent. Coming straight down in the thinner atmosphere will stall your airflow over the blades. Also limit your flights to 10-12 minutes on a full charge.
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