V105 Q500+ 4k Firmware for flying over 8000 feet v1.05

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  1. mrburns

    DO NOT use this unless you have the correct ST10 firmware to suit this.

    This firmware is for those flying above 8000 feet altitude only.

    It allows you the ability to fly at high altitude but you are reminded about what mode to fly in etc.

    If you have currently on version 1.07 on your bird you are advised to ask Yuneec for the latest adapted bin file.

    When it is released to us we will also upload here for you.
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Recent Reviews

  1. tdicomco
    Version: v1.05
    Acabo de recibir mi Yuneec Q500 4K con versión de firmware 1.7 (mayo 9/2016) y le instale el firmware 1.5 sin limitación de altura 8000 ft, aun no lo pruebo volando pero ya no aparece la advertencia en el st-10.