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    Nov 29, 2015
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    Located in U.S. (MI) I have 2 - Typhoon combo sets with metal cases for sale that have been damaged due to crashes for sale. Both can be fairly easily restored. I don't have the time to do that, and both of these would be a good project for the right person or persons. I am willing to separate the models.
    #1. Q500 4k has a broken motor strut (see photo)- all 4 motors, gimbal, and camera and st10+ still operate normally. I also have the new airframe/body to replace the old one. Instructions to make the change are available at various internet sites.
    #2. Q500+ currently operable with the st10 but the camera and gimbal were destroyed.
    Below is list of accessories, etc. that is included:
    1. 2 - Lg. Yuneeq Metal Combo Cases that came with the Typhoon's when purchased.
    2. 2 - FPV Controllers - ST10+
    3. 1- Typhoon Wizard Control - New in Box - Never Used
    4. 1- Range Extender Antenna System installed on st10+ ( Itelite Phantom )
    5. 1 - Replacement Airframe/Body (YUNQ 125-SVC) New in box.
    6. 4- Batteries used to fly a total of 35-45 mins one time. Purchased new Sept./2018. (2 for quad 2- for st10)
    7. 2 - Steady Grip Control Handles
    8. 2- Charging systems that came with both quads
    Note: I will consider "reasonable" offers. More photos and detail can be provided to those
    who are seriously interested. When making an offer please keep in mind that the shipping fee for either Typhoon model complete in metal carry cases will be about $20 each.
    My email is spidrluvr@comcast.net

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  2. Shannon Burgess

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    May 30, 2018
    I sent an email to the Comcast email I'm interested
  3. Shannon Burgess

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    May 30, 2018
    Wow A person has to wonder
    Why after all of the hassle of getting shipping cost the seller backed out said he was giving it to his son

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