3 from same view pt - cg03+ - Dry, after 1st rain-after many rains-Calif

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    panoramas from a similar view and height - 5 to 6 shots.

    This is agriculture/crops/pasture/horse/cows (even buffalo) area ~75 mi south of San Jose, Calif - Paicines, Calif - 10 miles N of Pinnacle NP.

    San Andreas Fault under this area, small 2-3+ scale earthquakes quite often, some times enuf to awaken at night, if quiet can sometimes hear them before feeling them.

    To the left not seen are a few thousand acres of grape vineyards, huge harvesters used at night, several grape types grown, many likely illegal migrant workers tend the vineyards and these crop fields, some crops take many harvester workers, some are much more mechanized, various crops but mostly leafy types - aquifer water is rationed in the whole of central Calif, some areas must dig 6000 ft wells and some come up dry (a drought a couple yrs back for 3 yrs in row - farmers were desperate).

    The central valley where theoretically Calif could feed the whole USA (of course not all food is grown here) is over those mtns in background but this side has many 1000's of acres of crops and if water available, 5-6+ new crops can be grown year round, 40 degrees is cold here - summer up to 95 - no rain this yr from march 2018 until early nov 2018 - but higher rain fall this winter.

    This area historically gets 3"/yr whereas just 35+mi away Santa Cruz gets 40+ inches/yr.

    Full dng/jpeg stills show a very good lens, surprisingly, no real corner blur, all panos are cropped of course.

    before any rain from late - Oct 2019
    Before the Rain.jpg

    After a few decent rains - Dec 2018
    After the 1st Rain.jpg

    After many rains - March 2019
    After many Rains.jpg

    Center far farm area did not grow but a single crop during dry summer, and since raining a single crop, since it has been too wet to plow/sow until recently.

    Green area on right side is a sewer Leech field for nearby Large Camping area - so green year round.
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