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Discussion in 'H520 Hexacopter' started by Dean Andrews, May 11, 2018.

  1. Dean Andrews

    Dean Andrews New Member

    Jan 11, 2018
    Hi Members,

    So thinking about upgrading to the 520 from the 480 but so far i cannot find any one who is happy with the machine. I am not wanting the drone to capture hi quality video or photos but just to survey and map. So the question is for those who have the 520 for survey work are you happy with it and can it do everything that the adverts say it can, datapilot, etc. if the drone is for survey work is the E50 camera best to get first. I have got the ET camera but reading that this needs to be sent to yuneec for upgrade to work with 520.
    Any comments would be great.
  2. I need to buy a foldable drone for aerial view filming, which Drone is best for this task? which one should I buy? Some suggest me to order at LeveTop? I though it would be the best, what is your opinion?

    Please suggest me. :)
  3. jdube

    jdube New Member

    Dec 23, 2016
    The H520 has been reviewed and compared with others including DJI UAVs and was considered better for the mapping, etc, and was found to contain more data in the photos than the P4P. And its programming was designed for this use. The other group is a closed group. It was not found to be good for cinema photography. Hope this helps
  4. Gerald mcGivern

    Gerald mcGivern New Member

    Dec 31, 2015
    The problem with the H520 for mapping is still the camera, the E90 JEPGs are better since the last update but the DNGs have the wrong GPS data, I don't own a E50 but I read that there are gimbal and range issues with it. Yuneec have been promising a firmware fix for months but as of today it still hasn't happened
  5. Edward Meijer

    Edward Meijer Member

    Sep 28, 2016
    I have a H520 and we use it all the time, I think part of the problem is you only hear from people that are unhappy for some reason. we are extremely satisfied with this drone as it is a professional drone not really for consumers.
    this drone makes amazing videos if setup correctly, works extremely well in high wind conditions, and high heat condition, we live in Arizona and have routinely flown in 110- 115 degrees F, now mind you must have a lot of common sense. we also have a Autel which also works very well for its intended purpose.
    Plus Panasonic GH5, Samsung Galaxy S9+ with all this equipment we are great story tellers.
    if you like to know more let us know we will be glad to help and inform EdwardMeijer@kxpn.com
    we routinely do world challenge races. here is one of our videos
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