Any ideas on how to make my board faster

Discussion in 'E-GO Skateboard' started by Samuel Duodu, Sep 17, 2018.

  1. Samuel Duodu

    Samuel Duodu New Member

    Sep 17, 2018
    Just as the title says has anyone been able to make my board faster? Safely i possible
  2. HarveyH54

    HarveyH54 Active Member

    I've never ridden on, but have seen a few hoverboards around town. They don't seem particularly safe from the start, need to learn how to stay on. Pretty sure the speed limits, are to make safe as possible, but also the electronics, and physics have a roll in it as well. It's self-balancing, takes time to read sensors, and adjust motor speed and direction. The faster a mass is moving, the more resistance it is toward change, so you are going to put more stress on the board. It has to make subtitle changes, or throw the rider off, since that is the bulk of the mass moving. I'm sure a rider could eventually learn to stay on, just like a new owner learns, but at higher speeds, might be a little more painful. Battery life will suffer as well, motors have to work harder at higher speed. The motors don't just move you, the maintain the balance as well.
  3. ThisWayHenry

    ThisWayHenry New Member

    Sep 6, 2018
    You could open it up and change the motor, I'm not sure of any official motors that would fit, but if you're willing to hack with it anything is possible. But I would be warned about safety and voiding your warranty (for sure)
  4. HarveyH54

    HarveyH54 Active Member

    I don't ride these things, think I'm close to the weight limit, not to mention too many responsibilities to risk injury. Anyway, little doubtful there is a simple and cheap way to get more speed. I don't know about what to expect inside, but you never know. There are a lot of devices, where the cheapest model, is pretty much exactly the same as the high end model, just slightly crippled. I had a cheap action camera, that got a major upgrade, simply by updating the firmware, with the higher end model's. There were a few other simple an cheap fixes for things as well. The internet is full of such useful nuggets.
    Your board is probably design to perform the best, and safest, as it is. Higher speed, would burn through the battery quicker, and more heat to dissipate. Heat isn't a good thing for electronics or batteries, needs to be managed, or it goes badly. Bigger motors, draw more current, may need a higher wattage driver. More power, means you need more battery, or you'll spend more time carrying it, than riding. The hoverboards are self-balancing, not sure it's wise to change motors, the brains might not balance the board as well.
    From an electronic standpoint, if you have to ask, it's probably not a good first project..

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