Anyone here repair batteries?

Discussion in 'Breeze' started by skarz, May 21, 2018.

  1. skarz

    skarz New Member

    Nov 25, 2017
    So far I've had two batteries mysteriously fall below the minimum voltage and now they're paperweights. With batteries becoming scarce, is there anyone on here willing to repair my batteries if I ship them?
  2. HarveyH54

    HarveyH54 Active Member

    Anything is possible, but don't remember reading any successful rebuilds. I've got my fist battery, which only lasted a few months. and had thoughts. The case is pretty well sealed closed, and would need substantial effort to pry open. Been fooled more times than I care to admit though, some cases have to be open in one certain way, if you want to avoid the effort and damage, usual obvious, after ruining the case... I'm a little afraid of puncturing or tearing to cell pouch, while forcing open the case. Try to avoid playing with things I don't fully understand, that can explode, or burn violently. I bought GIFI Power batteries a year ago, still working good, no hint of impending retirement. Might look up their website, see if they are still making them. Paid $75 each, free shipping from China, took a few weeks.
  3. Jarlath Drake

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    May 28, 2018
    Hydraulic System Designer
    Kitchener, Ontario
    Lipo chargers are designed to not attempt to charge if the voltages drop below a certain threshold. The issue with "fixing" these batteries is the connection. The Breeze connection is pretty unique...
  4. colorado scott

    colorado scott New Member

    Feb 22, 2018
    There area a few replies to this thread on yuneecpilots. Suggest you look back there.
  5. Lambruceco

    Lambruceco New Member

    Dec 8, 2018
    I had 3 original Yuneec Power 3 (YUNQ500105) batteries. I foolishly let them set a while and all 3 are not chargeable now using the factory Q500+ charger. I have read a few articles that seem to indicate mine are not useable.

    Recently I bought an upgraded charger and a new battery. The charger is a Tenergy TB6B synchronous balance charger / dis charger. The battery is a GiFi Power 7500mAh 3s/11.1V LiPo.

    I am not a battery or charger expert but based on my research, not many like the factory charger, so this is what I bought. There is a small learning curve to program the charger, but your programs can be saved for quick recall.

    I might set the new charger and 3 old batteries outside and try charging the 3 old batteries with my new charger. Are there any battery experts out there that do not recommend this?

    Hope this helps.
  6. Mike004

    Mike004 New Member

    Mar 30, 2019
    Yes I do repair batteries for cheap price

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