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    I have a Typhoon H.
    System Version: st16_system_v03.01.b30
    AKP Version: st16_app_v01.00.45

    Autopilot Version: V1.30
    Gimbal Version V1.25
    Camera Version V3.2.34(A) C-G03-Pro
    RealSense Version V1.10

    Everything seems to work right (including the camera) but it seemed to want to drift a bit in hover so I I attempted to Calibrate the Compass. But I get no response when I select on the controller. When I Calibrate the Gimbals it seems to work find.

    So I went through the steps to create a new aircraft by copying the current Typhoon H and calling that copy "Typhoon H Copy" When I use that "copy" I am able to calibrate the compass just find BUT the camera is not functioning. When I go to the binding page the model shows up (SR24S_23372v1.07" and sometimes the camera shows up (CG03P_920Cf6) but every time i attempt to "bind" them I get a "Connection Failed. Reason: Unable to connect to camera" Please Retry. But it always fails.

    If I go back to the original aircraft binding it works again but I am still unable to calibrate the compass.

    So I need help either calibrating the compass OR getting the camera to bind when I select the "Typhoon H Copy" aircraft



    UPDATE: Disregard. I was using the wrong password in the binding process. My problem is now solved -- Operator Error!!
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