Q500 4K Boosters in Series?

Discussion in 'Q500/Q500+/Q500 4K/Typhoon G' started by Kyle J LaValley, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. Kyle J LaValley

    Jan 5, 2019
    Just a quick question for all the fpv techs out there, can you Boost a Booster?
    Like run them in Series/parallel?
    I was thinking of doing (2) 5W to get a total of 10w.
    I run a 12 turn lhcp 5.8 antenna now and wire gauge is plenty to handle 10w

  2. Jagerbomb52

    Jagerbomb52 Guest

    I highly doubt it. You risk damaging the booster you are supplying with to much wattage and the receiving booster will not output any more then what it is rated for so its a waist of money. I ran a 2.5W booster and got well over 2 miles on one of my tests so its more then enough unless you plan to fly across the ocean.
  3. CrashALot

    CrashALot Member

    Oct 17, 2018
    no it does not work that way for series connected amplifiers, your final would still be 5w, you would use just the voltage on input of second amp (it could be too much and maybe kill 2nd amp) and it then would amplify that to its max output of 5w, so NOPE !

    but in parallel you could have wider angle coverage using 2 antennas, but no more range just more angle not more range.

    easiest is to get a 15db or higher antenna, more narrow beam of reception so must point antenna DIRECTLY at the object's antenna, can be had for $15 or more of course OR a dyi one.

    GL !


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