Cell Phone Drivers?

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    Just got home from walking the dog,, had sort of a near miss. There was a small white car driving a little erratic, mostly hugging the centerline, not quite crossing, but swerved pretty bad, when there was oncoming vehicle. I could see the glow of a screen, but saw it was a phone as they passed. Three people in the car, look to be late 20's early 30's, plenty old enough to know better. Heard a loud noise, turned to see the rear tire coming off the curb, just missed, or scraped a street sign. Didn't think to go back and check for white paint, maybe tomorrow.

    I've had the misfortune of driving behind, or near drivers using their phones, but never saw anything like I did today. I've read about accidents, even deaths, but this was the first and closest it's come to me. I don't use a cell phone, and plan to hold out as long as possible. Really don't see much of anything in my life, so important, that it can't wait until I check messages on my answering machine. So, I really don't get, what could be so important, that so many people can't pull over and park first, before picking up the phone? How many times do they need to swerve to avoid something, does it take, to learn that phones and driving don't mix well?

    Strange, but I got to thinking about all the drones, mostly DJI products, which require a cell phone to fly. How do people fly the drone, and talk or text? Do they fly any better than they drive?
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    Cell phones have to be put in "airplane mode" before they will bind to the drones WiFi. The name is just a coincidence. Airplane mode cuts off cell phone communication, and was intended to protect the controls of airliners from the passenger's cell phones, but it also keeps the drone pilot from using the device as a phone when flying.
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