CG02+ Problems (Camera Motor & Top Motor)

Discussion in 'C-GO2' started by ninjabraap, Aug 24, 2020.

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    Had a fly away about a month ago after a GPS failure (first time) while testing a new GiFi Power battery. Managed to soft crash land it (hard bounce from too fast of a landing), everything still worked afterwards. The CG02+ plastic mounting plate cracked, so I disassembled it and repaired it, put it back together making sure to connect everything correctly from WTFDprojects's wiring diagram. While it still transmits and records, the top motor doesn't always center, and unless I unplug and reconnect the "Signal From Mainboard" connector, the Camera Motor won't tilt up and down at all. The camera was working fine before, but wasn't as sturdy due to the crack, but now it has problems.

    Wondering if anyone has had this happen and what fixed it?

    Selling everything though because this is just too big of a drone, want to get a Mavic Pro instead (much less conspicuous and more portable, just as good quality video or better.).

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