CGO2+ gimbal not working after main board replacement (video)

Discussion in 'Help' started by Siim, Aug 24, 2019.

  1. Siim

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    Aug 24, 2019

    Perhaps anyone has had a similar problem or Yuneec support are able to help me out?

    Gimbal was working fine (stable in yaw and roll) except was not pitching up and down.
    Was said to be the main board problem and ordered a new one from Yuneec and replaced (did not receive any instructions with the product) (part nr: YUNCGO2GB105SVC )

    The gimbal is now not working at all an act's like see in the video.

    Calibration from software does not do anything.

    Any help?
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    Oct 3, 2018
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    Unfortunately, you cannot change out the gimbal board yourself. A new gimbal board has to be mated to the exact gimbal sensors of the camera it is to serve. Yuneec has never released the software and procedure for this. The only remedy I know of for this board would be to send it to a Yuneec service center for calibration.

    Do you still have the original gimbal board? The tilt issue you described has often been caused by a bad connector on the right side of the gimbal board. The two empty connectors beside it are spares. It is possible the only thing you need to do is reinstall the original gimbal board and use one of the spare connectors.

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