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    Apr 10, 2015
    Actually I have my Galaxy S4 with CGO2 app working well but I prefere to have a large screen.
    I remembered I have a iPAD 1st generation with iOS 5.1.1 last firmware.
    When I was to instal via iTunes the CGO2 system tells that the app is only for iOS 7 or highest.
    So no way to install it in a 5.1.1 iOS.
    I sent a support message to Yuneec and they already replied saying sorry ! It only for 7, no way for older iOs.

    So, in summ we have :
    - a company making drones with vĂ­deo system monopolized
    - that's OK for USA but EC as rules about wify .
    So in Europe, only Apple devices with iOS superior to 7 can watch what the CGO sees.
    This is a terrible mistake of Yuneec which will loose winned market to DJi in the next times in Europe.
    Since the Q500 launch I just waited that Yunnec solved the wify compatibility to devices sold in Europe.
    That didn't happened and new produts came out from Yuneec which means they are kicking off and disregarding old produts.
    Fot me, I will never buy Yuneec products .
    New products which came out are full of problems. I never heard so many claims about the 4K and H in the
    web. With Q500 1st bird I heard one or two problems nothing special.
    Now we are speaking of high priced birds and with a lot of technical problems.

    So, my question is : anybody can tell me if is any way to mirror the CGO2 on my Galaxy S4 to my iPad ?
    I think is the last solution I have. Please don't talk about Jaiklbreak. I already tested it. No solution for 7 apps.

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