CGO3 4K camera with European frequency Band

Discussion in 'Blade Chroma Series' started by mialczek, Aug 15, 2019.

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    Jan 22, 2019
    Hi Friends !
    I have Blade Chroma and CGO3 4K camera with European frequency band: 5180-5240 MHz of videolink. This stock configuration for EU gives maximum range of video only about 150 m. I'd like to change frequency band to US, to have a bigger range of video link. I have read on Yuneec forum that only right way is to change NOTHING in software of Blade or in ST10+, but I think that software upgrade only in camera can be safe.
    Does any one of Yours can help me with this problem? Is it realy safe to change frequency in camera from EU to US and then all functions of camera displayed on ST10+ will work properly?
    Thanks for help!
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    First, please be aware the limitations for the EU are a legal requirement in most areas.

    From a technical view, there is a hidden danger. The design of the system is such that the video range is less than the control range. The loss of video is a strong clue that loss of control is approaching. Other pilots have increased video range by various means, without increasing the control range. The result is a lost drone because the pilot moves beyond the control range of the drone / controller combination, and often cannot regain it.
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    Just send me an email: olamacr(at)

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