C-GO3 CGO3GB five times beeping and not working.

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    Hi Guys! I have first generation q500 with cgo2+ for almost 3 years. About 15 days ago I bought second hand crashed CGO3. Camera has some scratches/broken parts and fixed with hot glue. It was not came with wire. So I waited the wire arrived here in that time period. Today wire came and found the chance to try the camera. Camera is beeping 5 times, led turns red first, than purple, and red again without any flashing, and finally led fades out. Gimbal not working, wifi sometimes working, if you can connect the camera via phone app, you able to record videos with no problem, but sometimes wifi and camera's fan stops suddenly. I talked with seller, he swear it was working normal before he sent to me. Please watch the video I shared. What that means this beeping? Has anyone know something about this problem I got?

    Note: I opened plastic shell, everything seems good. No any damage in that, cables and sockets are fine, no burned parts or something like that damage. Firmware is latest 2.4.0.


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