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    Aug 19, 2015
    I had an interesting problem this weekend. First a general question, is there a manual just for the datapilot not the one used in the 520 manual ? If so where does it live ? So my problem is as follows I was doing a demo this weekend for a SAR demo. I had pre programed the maps from the area and the route the 520 would travel. When I opened the controller it thought that I was still home 200miles away and would not allow me to load the program. How do I make the home point local at the time? I was able to fly a manual mission and yes it did see my home point as where I was. Let me know what you have found out.
    Second problem when I was able to fly a newly programed mission the controller battery was at 51%. I had charged it at home to 100%. The outdoor temp was about 44deg. When the battery in the controller was being used the voltage did go up a bit, probably due to the heat that was being produced. Can this cut off voltage on the battery in the controller be modified ? Thanks all for your help.


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