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    Nov 7, 2015
    I just wanted to post this as it might help someone else.
    When I was getting my q500 ready for storage last winter, I first put one of the batteries on the charger, and accidentally left it for a couple of days. When I took it off the green light was flashing, indicating that the charger was waiting for a battery...hmmm not good. So I put the other one on and about an hour later I got an emergency phone call, and we had to leave town because of a family emergency..... Well as you may have already guessed, the battery got left on the charger. When we got back(everything turned out good by the way). This battery was doing the same thing. So I just put everything away.
    Now on to now! Got it out the other day, and was going to get it ready to fly. Tried to charge batteries, and all the charger would do is continue to flash green and wouldn't recognize that a battery was hooked to it. I checked the voltage of the batteries, and one was about 6 volts, and the other was about 3!!! I figured the batteries were toast anyway, so I decided to try to bring them back from the dead. First I tried to "jump start" them with a car battery (I have done this successfully with Nicads before). Note: I put the battery in a metal trash can with some long wires first !!!! The wires became extremely hot right away as if there was a direct short. So I disconnected the battery right away. Then I saw a radio shack 12 volt converter that I keep on my toolbox for testing various auto parts and accessories. It only puts out about 2 amps max. So I decided to try it and much to my surprise, it didn't blow the fuse. So I left it and monitored the voltage about every 5 min or so. I tried the charger at various voltages, and only got a solid red light. When the voltage got to 10.2, I tried the charger and viola!!! It started to charge. Did the other the same with same results. Haven't flown it yet, but checked the voltages this morning, and both are 11.1.
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    that's great you saves 2 batteries fantastic but rule # 1 with lipo's or for that matter any battery , do not leave batteries unattended while charging especially indoors , too many horror stories of lipo's when charging going on fire and people's houses burring down . a lipo battery is probably most likely to catch fire when charging , if you can charge out doors . if you decide to stay in this hobby for a long time purchase a quality aftermarket charger you batteries will last longer and they have many settings like storage mode that if you don't use your batteries in a few days you can place them in .
    this is a good site to learn about LI PO 's
    fly safe

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