Does the H520/TH+ props fit TH hub ?

Discussion in 'Typhoon H Plus Discussion' started by CrashALot, Mar 3, 2019.

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    Oct 17, 2018
    I realize that the TH+ props are longer but are the A/B props & hubs the same ?

    Also, do you know the pitch of the props vs TH ?

    I saw a duration test vid of H520 vs TH using TH batteries (NOT TH+ batteries), result 18min / 25 mins.

    so somehow the H520/TH+ is more efficient and significantly so - 7mins more in flight must equal 2000mah or so!

    I gleaned from info elsewhere that the TH+ props are of course longer but also a higher pitch, and that the internal electronics consume less power (new generation/diff), and marginally the extra 60mm frame should allow more leverage for motors to make a less power consuming change to compensate in hover or flight vs TH which likely uses more power to make same change.

    anyhow it just makes me wonder if using shortened TH+ props on TH would provide much flight duration ?

    also wonder if the props sculpted like those on some dji models would help/reduce sound levels like on P4 for example.

    just wondering.
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    So was I.
    The eBay listings show DJI P4 props as 9455s size/pitch.
    The adapters are $6 to $7 for 2 sets of 4.
    The props are $16 to $36 for 3 pairs.
    It looks like the adapters might fit the H's motors?

    Edit: Not compatible Typhoon motors have 4 prop adapter holes. DJI has 3.

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