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Would you like to see this board as a Possible Comback for the Cruiser Series?

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  1. Comic

    Comic New Member

    Mar 1, 2017
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    Please make the E-Go Cruiser 2 (not E-Go 2) with and Arbor Shape like the boosted. Also please use higher quality ABEC Rating bearings. Please create a smoother braking experience. The board must have faster charging times, something like 1 hour and 15 minutes to fully charge. Also better grip tape and a more wood look to the board Last time you left us with a black hybrid coating. Most skaters perfer the wood look. Please keep the remote the same, I loved the remote, The app can use some social riding zones for meet ups. When it comes to the wheels, If you can make them a bit wider so when carving and turning it helps stabilize the rider which feels secure. If you can make it go up to 18 miles per hour that would be amazing. I am willing to lose the distance from current 18 miles down to 12 if you have fast recharging.
  2. NulodPBall

    NulodPBall New Member

    Jul 18, 2017
    -Please don't increase the speed, increase the distance and make the battery pack easily removeable.

    -If you can increase the distance AND add another motor (put up higher? ), or put the motor(s) inside the wheel(s), even better...my motor housing is all scratched up.

    -Higher quality ABEC Rating bearings.

    -Please shorten the "dead" travel in the controller slider, or make the initial acceleration curve longer/slower or allow this to be changed by the user.
    -Other than maybe more than 4 blinks for board battery life, I like how small the remote is.

    -Faster charging times would be nice. Sometimes I am only lucky enough to get a 20 minute charge in the middle of a 16 mile trip (I walk up the hills and go real slow).
    I bring a 1" strap to tow my board if I run out of juice before I get back or for long uphills.

    -"The app can use some social riding zones for meet ups."
    Well, at least the website should. I believe Esk8 is trying to promote community hookups. If Yuneec does this, and promotes it (or at least actively supports it) it'll be a great way to have greater product visibility.

    -"When it comes to the wheels, If you can make them a bit wider so when carving and turning it helps stabilize the rider which feels secure".
    I don't know that wider is the way to go for that but softer wheels from other manufacurers make the ride a bit less bumpy and grip better.

    -I'm not sure if it's the Bluetooth connection (as some have reported) or temperature Lockout but yesterday my board lost power, for short periods, four (4) times. This makes me hesitant to bomb down hills because I was so surprised when it happened one time, I fell off the board. I put one foot down but failed to release the slider, then power engaged and I did a slow splits as I figured out how to fall gracefully. (I only tore my shorts knee area as my foot on the board kept moving after I hit the ground).
    So a little more reliability would be nice.

    Were sales of the E-go 2 more than that of the first board?

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