e90 gimbal going crazy while in flight - help needed!

Discussion in 'H520 Hexacopter' started by Pawel, Nov 17, 2019.

  1. Pawel

    Pawel New Member

    Nov 17, 2019
    Hello Yuneec pilots! I am new one to this forum.

    Hope you are all well as I am not so (yet again).

    Need some help:

    Wanted to fly a bit this morning, had 4 batteries charged and went off flying. Everything was OK for ..... say 5 min. in the air.

    Out of the sudden the st16s screen started to spin... First thought - birds stroke h520 (yes my ebee had been once chased by a pair of birds of prey at that location). Second - I must have collided with trees and my bird was falling down. Quick look into the sky showed that h520 was stable in the air clear of any trees and good 10-15 m above the highest ones. And the live video was still spinning.
    Commanded (RTH) the drone to come back and when it was approaching me I could see that e90 was rotating in all directions. This stopped only after landing and turning off h520.

    After powering the drone again gimbal was not moving by itself nor reacting to any commands from sticks/switches/controllers. It will not calibrate either.

    Camera seems to be working, green light (steady) is on, pictures are taken and stored on a card.

    Gimbal is dead!

    FYI - no gimbal updates have been done recently.

    I am getting frustrated with my h520. Have had it since June this year and I already sent it twice for fixing (1. - sticks of the st16s not calibrating and 2. - landing gear not coming down for landing). It never crashed nor hard landed. It is becoming a kind of a nightmare to have a tool marketed as a professional one and hesitating every time I go for a job whether it will work or not.

    I am on a verge of taking decision about selling it ...

    All your comments will be appreciated. First question is whether I need to send the gimbal over to Germany for service to fix it. Or is it something I can fix by myself (yet I am not that much of a technician)?

    Otherwise I will be happy to know your thoughts ...

  2. Spaceship Drone

    Spaceship Drone New Member

    Aug 25, 2018
    We shall call this the "Death Spin".....
    Someone else named it this and I don't recall where I came across the discussion.
    I have a YouTube video showing my CGO3+ death spin repair.
    I have experienced this with the CGO3+
    I am happy to say I did fix it on mine.
    It was not a easy fix and I had to CAD design a part and 3D print it. I also needed to buy a new yaw motor. I needed the part I designed to allow manual calibration adjustment. Otherwise changing the yaw motor normally requires sending it in to be calibrated.
    I don't have a e90 but I can guess it has a similar yaw motor setup to the CGO3.
    Based on my experience I can guess your yaw motor shaft is faulty/cracked and you will need a new yaw motor, along with a factory calibration.
    This calibration is different that the one we can do using the remote.
    Only 2 repair centers have the factory software to do this special calibration.
    You are looking at about $150 and several weeks turn around time to send it in for the repair.
    Btw.... i did share the CAD designed part to repair the CGO3+ on thingiverse. For those who have access to a 3D printer.
    Sorry to break the bad news. $$$$
    Please contact yuneec and explained you never crashed it and have this problem, my hope is they are aware of this issue not being the pilots fault and may replace your camera at no cost to you. Need to keep the yuneec fans happy.
    Let us know what they say, please.
    These cameras are way too expensive.
    I like the yuneec mantis q, now.... it's replacement camera is only $70. I can afford that. lol

    Happy flying
  3. Pawel

    Pawel New Member

    Nov 17, 2019

    Many thanks for your comprehensive explanation.

    Sorry it came a bit too late as I already had dispatched e90 to Germany for Yuneec service attention. Nevertheless your "procedure" for fixing and calibrating is beyond my tech. capacity.

    Hope that German service will simply replace my broken camera with a new one in case repair was to take weeks as you said.


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