Q500 4K Epic crash- trying to know what happened?

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  1. ScottH

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    May 5, 2018
    Hello, brand new here.

    Yesterday afternoon, after 6 months of bliss, I guess the honeymoon is over. I was 150 ft up hovering...5 mph winds. Anyways I'm looking at it and *think* I heard a pop...and the downward spiral was epic. The props were still spinning and it was twisting around, pointing straight up and then down. It was also turning back flips. I couldn't do anything about it - it wouldn't respond to the controller. The thing that surprised me the most was how FAST it fell. And when it hit, the thing just flew into about 8 different pieces, camera knocked off, the battery pusedh so far into the drone it looked like it ate the thing. Total loss. I know perhaps many of you have had this happen - heart breaking.

    The USB card was nowhere to be found so no LOG. I just wanna somehow know what caused this? Did one of the props snap off? A motor stopped working? Part of a prop broke off?

    Anyways, if you've experienced something like this or just have an idea- I love to hear it!

  2. HarveyH54

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    Well, the Log files should be in the ST10, you can access them through the USB port, or open the batter compartment, pull out the battery, and remove the card. Of course, if you never put on in, and it didn't come installed, no luck there. My Q500 G came without, my Q500+ already had an 8 gig installed. You'd think that since the Log files are important for warranty work, it would be pre-installed...

    Yeah, they fall real fast without power. Least mine got the video of the fall, should be up here some place.

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  3. PJP

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    Dec 11, 2015
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    Florida USA
    Sorry to hear it. Yes - it happens...and it does suck.

    Certainly hope you had a card in the controller.
  4. Bud

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    Sep 27, 2017
    Had it happenn twice.
    Lucky first one was into a tree so minimal damage.
    Second one was into a car park.
    Found parts 30metres away.

    What blades were you using?
    Mine were ebay blades and I know at least the second time one snapped as friends witnessed it.

    And yes they fall fast.

    I got a second hand replacement.
    I'm considering carbon fibre blades now.

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