FOR SALE: Q500+ w/CG02+, ST10+, Steadygrip, New GiFi 7500mah, OEM 5400mah, +more

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    Selling my entire setup.

    - Yuneec Q500+
    - 2 Sets of Propellors
    - OEM Yuneec 5400mah Battery still good, full flight time.
    - New (only one test run) GiFi 7500mah Battery
    - SanDisk Ultra Class 10 16GB Micro SD Card
    - ST10+ Groundstation
    - CG02+ Camera, repaired baseplate, "Signal from Mainboard Connector" acts like its loose, needs unplugged and replugged in when first turned on for Camera Motor to tilt on command. Everything else works fine on it, full Wifi Connection and Gimbal operation, recording and SDCard Functionality is great!
    - Full OEM Hardcase with Inserts
    - Full accesories (chargers, car adapter, firmware connectors)
    - Full OEM documentation and guides
    - Backpack softcase with foam inserts, has repaired but torn shoulder seam.
    - Steadygrip for CG02+

    Have used this drone for years, but having moved to California in the city it's just to conspicuous and despite following all FAA rules, regulations and airspace requirements, filing flight plans, and researching flight areas, too many people ask me to leave the area within minutes of setup (even when drones are allowed there), so I'm looking to get a smaller more portable drone like the Mavic Pro.

    Accounting for age, wear and tear, and damage to the Backpack and CG02+, researching on eBay what things are going for, parted out it's worth around $750, much rather not part it all out but will if I have to.

    Selling everything together for $550 OBO on here, buyer pays shipping. Most likely through FedEx since it's usually the cheapest for large things. If I don't get a buyer within the month I'll start separating items out.

    Located in Long Beach, California USA, local pickup available.

    Message me or comment to buy, or text me 5415259585. If you call I won't pickup, TEXT ONLY!

    Photos are all most recent. The flight photo is the last test flight done as of 8/6/2020. The last photos showing the ST10+, Q500+, and CG02+ connected and operating are all current as of 8/24/2020.

    0.jpg C 0.jpg 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg 10.jpg 11.jpg 12.png 13.jpg 14.jpg

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