Formatting SD Card (32Gb)

Discussion in 'C-GO3' started by tianorth, Dec 5, 2016.

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    Is there a way to get the camera to format the card with the app?
    I've read somewhere that there is but not sure about what size up to.

    I have the Typhoon Q500 4k with C-G03 camera.

    My last flight I did over 10 minutes of video recording, after which I landed the drone, waited for about 1 minute then recorded another 20 seconds to make sure it saved the previous file.

    The recording settings were in 1080 HD @ 60fps, as I cannot watch any 4k footage.

    Anyway I returned home took the sd card out and put it in the computer, checked all directories but could not find any video files.
    Not to be out-foxed I put the sd card into my mac, again checked all directories to find again no video files.
    1 last place to try.....the tv, put the card in and it came back with a directory called 100media (I think), in here was the video files, but it said corrupted file when trying to play them (all files in that directory).

    Put card back in camera and connected my android phone to drone wifi, using the C-G03 app was able to start recording and stop recording, but would not take still picture, just said failed.
    When checked on the pc again no files.

    Put card in phone, and saw a file in the directory but no able to play it.

    Had enough by now so I thought the controller is android based I'll format in with the phone.

    All good able to record video and still pictures.

    I've read/been told it's better for the device using the card to format it, but how?
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