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    Community GuideLines

    Yuneec-Forum.Com is a community of enthusiast Yuneec users who like to build a great community. We are not affiliated with Yuneec in any way.

    By Registering and participating in the Forum, you agree to abide by the following rules. The moderators have the right to modify/ delete any posts or threads that they believe do not adhere to the community guidelines or are misleading or inappropriate. These rules may be modified at any time to better meet community interests.

    Our goal is to make this forum fun to participate in and have our members gain valuable unique information. Basically use common sense, treat everyone with respect, and try to post valuable information. Any abusive or inappropriate language, especially towards our moderators, will not be tolerated and may lead to your account being deleted.

    1. We do not allow any form of solicitation on our Forum. Spam/Scam posts or affiliate links will be deleted. Unfortunately, we also can not allow campaigns for donations as we do not have the resources to track the legitimacy of the donations and can not always determine whether the campaign is legitimate or scam. The only solicitation allowed is in our marketplace section where you are free to sell your own personal drone related products. Be sure to read the marketplace guidelines before posting.
    2. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. This is supposed to be a fun community and we have zero tolerance for comments about race, religion, nationality, or any form of discrimination. You are free to challenge others comments or points of view but please do not make anything personal.
    3. Please try not to post misleading or incorrect information.
    4. Do not hijack other people's thread especially in the marketplace section. Try to stay on topic and keep the discussion relevant.
    5. Only post your thread/post once. The only exception is If you are posting the same thread in one of our international/ local language forums.
    6. Public discussion regarding our moderator decisions is not allowed. For instance, if your post was deleted and you're not happy about it, please PM the moderator involved rather than making it public.
    7. You may promote your blogs, videos, or websites If appropriate. If we see you promoting your website or blog multiple times whenever you get a chance, your posts might be removed and you will get a warning.
    8. Trolling and cyber stalking are not allowed.
    9. Non drone related topics are welcome in the off-topic section. However, if they become too disruptive or hateful the thread might be closed or removed.
    10. Only one account per person is allowed.
    11. The Forum Owners strongly encourage users to obey all federal/ local laws when flying. It is helpful service to the community when members guide others in understanding and following the regulations. Meanwhile, fully understanding all international rules and regulations is complex and it is not the responsibility of the forum owners, moderators or community members to police and enforce these rules and regulations. Any violation of another community rule, even if in the context of attempting to help enforce flying laws and regulations, is prohibited.
    12. Please try to use proper formatting, grammar, and try to keep slang and texting shortcuts (ur, 4u, gr8, 2mro etc.) at a minimum. Try not to use all caps, excessive color, and use bold only when necessary.
    13. Do not post copyrighted or protected material. Never copy/paste entire articles and always post a link to the source. If you're not sure If you are allowed to post any material, try to contact the content owner first and If no reply is received just post a link to the article. The member posting the information will be held solely responsible If any complaint is received.
    14. If you become a member here you will also be added to our drone network websites ( and If more websites are developed in the future. Your user information will be synced with the network websites.
    We understand there are issues and situations that these rules might not address. It is up to our moderators to decide what is best for the community and majority of our users and we realize we can never make everyone happy.

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