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    Hi to you all pilots at the end of the year from France

    My Gimbal from the CGO3+ camera has a right twist of 6 ° after a crash. The copter was at Yuneec-Europe. Mechanically only the bird was repaired, but nobody has taken care about the camera. I have reseted the ST16 completely and created a new Copter on the ST16 and calibrated the gimbal already 10 times after and before all other calibrations. The result is always an angular deviation of 6 ° horizontally to the right. Now someone has told me, am must go in a hidden directory and there calibrate the potentiometer. Can someone help me with this?

    I have installed all the very new firmwares, only I have stood with autopilot on version 1.29 (E) due to hight limitations and drift-problems of the copter.

    CGO3+, ST16,
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