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Discussion in 'Steadygrip / Wizard' started by calabashman, Dec 23, 2017.

  1. calabashman

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    May 19, 2015
    There has to be someone out there that has a new steady grip model with the lipo battery built into the base that can help me. I've never been a stupid man but I can't follow the instructions that came with my steady grip because it refers only to having a remove charger assembly. My steadygrip came with a built-in Lipo battery and no remote charger. To charge it I'm assuming I plug the AC charger cord into the back bottom of the steady grip base "with" the battery in place. "However my instruction sheet are completely different"
    The steps in the instructions don't make sense to me. Here's what I've tried and what I get.

    With battery, SD card, Samsung phone & camera in place (and CGO WI FI on) I turn on the steady grip and I get nothing.

    If I do the same and plug in the AC cord first my steadygrip activates but the I lose the network and if I unplug the AC cord everything goes dead.
    I've charged my battery over night and still nothing. With the cord connected I get steady green lights.
    I have a service call into Yuneec but they have a 5 - 7 day response time they say.

    Please if someone has figured out the process I'd love to hear from you. I know it's Christmas eve but I'm desperate. Thank you thank you.
  2. calabashman

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    May 19, 2015
    1 more thing. With the steady grip off and plugged in the AC cord light is green. With the AC cord connected and the steady grip turned on the AC cord light turns steady red. To charge I'm assuming I leave the steady grip off, which I've done.
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    Dec 16, 2015
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    Can you take a picture of the Steadygrip where the battery is installed? Like to see what connector the battery has on it.

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