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    Feb 3, 2018
    Hello everyone, I write from Italy, sorry for my not perfect language. I had a TH, a month ago I bought a TH plus together with 2 other friends, We were the first 3 in Italy. Unfortunately 2 plus already do not exist anymore, moreover another friend of another Italian city has had the same fate. There were 2 crashes in sport mode and 1 fly away. We are all experienced pilots, administrators on yuneec facebook profiles, in Italy we are very worried. We are waiting for Yuneec to send us the new drones under warranty, but they still do not arrive (???), but now we are not calm. I wanted to know how you are finding other people with TH plus outside of Italy and what update you have downloaded.
    Thank you all
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    Aug 11, 2019
    near Roma, Italia
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    Ciao Marketto, anche io ho acquistato un TYPHOON H PLUS.
    Il mio problema consiste nel ricevere delle informazioni sulla programmazione del drone poiché voglio avere la sicurezza di questo prima di alzarsi in volo avendo la carta in regola, ad esempio ho guidato il colore che deve essere sicuro per la sicurezza sia regolare, il GPS il trasmettitore deve essere gestito per avere un volo tranquillo, dopo che ho acceso i motori, dopo un quindici secondi si sono automaticamente spenti: è normale???
    Grazie per la risposta

    Hi Marketto, I also bought a TYPHOON H PLUS. My problem is to receive information on the drone programming since I want to have the security of this before getting up in the air having the card in order, for example I drove the color that must be safe for security to be regular, the GPS the transmitter must be managed to have a quiet flight, after I turned on the engines, after a fifteen seconds they are automatically turned off: is it normal ???Thanks for the reply

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