I left a high-paying job to start my drone co. A few things I wish I had known in better detail...

Discussion in 'Drone Business' started by Divinejames, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. Divinejames

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    Nov 2, 2018
    Background: from 2013-2017 I sold residential solar (PV) systems in the house, and part of the job entailed getting on the roof for some measurements, and what have you. In the spring of 2014, I purchased a drone to use in lieu of climbing on the roof. Shortly thereafter, I not only saw the positive impact the drone had on my sales, but I also saw the opportunity to start a business in the drone industry. When Dave Brown launched a very similar concept with his company Droners.io, to what I had been laying out in my head right around 2015, I KNEW I had to do something or the opportunity would pass me up. Fast forward to right now (May 21st, 2018 18:34 PST), and my partner and I are one year in with DroneQuote, doing something that is at the forefront of innovation for the industries we serve with drones and are both dedicated 110% to laying our claim to what is ours in the drone industry.
  2. HarveyH54

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    Not sure if you are bragging, or having regrets, from your post. Either way, it's not always about the money, it's doing something you enjoy, and being able to provide for yourself and family. Being your own boss, starting your own business, brings the bonus, of one day, having the employees to do the more difficult tasks...

    Personally, there is still a lot of potential sales, and a huge spike in demands, over the next couple of decades. Panels already installed, need replacing, they don't last long. The Climate Change movement is still going strong, whether you believe or deny, energy costs will continue to rise. Solar will help relieve the sting a little for many, and as doomsday nears, there aren't a whole lot of non-fossil fuel options, so plenty of subsidies and incentives. Grid-tied roof installs will help fill the reduced fossil-produced electric, until something better can be used. I think Climate Change will eventual fizzle and fail, the evidence more strongly supports a natural process. The CO2 connection is coincidental, over-hyped, too political. What makes up 0.1% of the atmosphere is unlikely to have much effect on anything, specially since it's natural, normal, and essential to life on the planet. I do believe that most of the other byproducts of burning fossil fuels are bad news, and we need to set a cleaner standard, but not through pulling a "Fast-One" on the population.

    I know what you mean about roof climbing, never fun on your own roof, but on one you don't know the history, it's a little scary. They are usually built for walking, and repairs are often questionable. Always a chance of falling through, or taking a spill. Drones flying is much safer, and fun too. Unfortunately the rules change every year, and lots of paper work, hoops to jump through, to comply. Pretty sure most places, would prefer the drone, over someone stomping around on the roof. Lots of of the measurement opportunities from an aerial platform, that would be more expensive otherwise. Guess it comes down to demand, and competition. Sticking with the solar example, it's quick and cheap to send a junior employee up the ladder. Hiring a drone operator, would add some time and expense to the project. You can't be everywhere, right now, and certainly wouldn't to the work cheap or free. But, you could get a list of future job sites, and deliver the measurements, and your bill, before they even get close to planning the install. Their estimates could be fairly precise, when the go out for the initial discussion with a client. They could do the project on the computer, before hand, with an accurate bill of materials needed, even a rendered image of the completed project, overlayed on an areal photo. Going solar is still young, and customers driven by fear. Lots of potential customers, little things will boost one install company above their competitors.
  3. Junior013

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    Jul 27, 2018
    Oh wow, this is quite inspiration. So, how is your company DroneQuote doing? It's cool how drones helped you set up a business in the roofing industry.

    I'm not into residential construction, but I'm guessing that climbing rooftops is not fun.

    I'm hoping to start a business within 6 months- 1 year in Engineering hopefully and drones could play a great role in it.

    Any tips that you learned for newbies getting into business?
  4. Bruce

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    Aug 25, 2016
    I see the domain name (DroneQuote ) is for sale for only $3,000, better grab it fast, before the price goes up...
  5. PJP

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    Dec 11, 2015
    99% Retired & Lovin' It!
    Florida USA
    A few things I wish I had known in better detail..."
    So - what about this part of your heading?
  6. Ouimont

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    Nov 6, 2018
    The way this is written I'm not sure if you're trying to advertise your business, but then There's no web presence for you too.

    It's great that you're business is doing well though!
  7. James Hoare

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    May 29, 2016
    I used to install PV from 2000 to 2013, now do technical inspections. In the UK approvals are a challenge and hve a CAA PFCO (50 metres) , and a 20m OSC which necessitates a self build drone with 2 x GPS, etc, parachute.

    Most houses are less than 20m from a road, and 20m from next door - one can control next door with a kind knock on door- but controlling a road is not really possible. So I dont see how a domestoc roof inspection business can legally work, as have been pondering this a long time, so stick to larger systems where my approvals are ok

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