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    I been around the quad scene for quitea while... mostly scratch built quads and tri copters as well... I dont currently have a tri but I do like them... much easier to stay oriented with a tri. Bought a Q500 CG02 spring 2016. I've had good luck with it... not crazy about the proprietary battery... a little puffiness and it can get stuck in the copter and can be very difficult to remove..... would like to be able to use generic battery.

    On Open Source.... longtime fan of open source and Arduino which spawned the first copters... At some point if would be great to use the Yuneeq hardware in a scratch built drone... I think it would be a great selling point for yuneeq to support such endeavors.. the ST10 controller could be used on a scratch built fleet.... repurpose the camera... allow customizing the copter controller software. It would greatly extend both the market and lifespan of the controller.

    I've not disassembled my copter so would like some feedback from those who have... is the onboard controller and the receiver 2 separate pieces or is is one device.

    I should also add the I live very to the Triple Tree Aerodrome in Woodruff SC and at the all electric fly in last labor day I bought a used Spedix 250 with the CC3D controller... no video yet but its a blast to fly.


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