Q500 4K Is there Geo Fence in Angle Mode (Pilot)

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  1. So before I change my GUI Altitude Settings (moving to Antarctica), I read that the Limits for Distance and Alt. are only "Active" while in Smart Mode. I as a veteran Pilot always fly in Angle/Pilot Mode anyways, so does this mean I can fly above 400' AGL, while in Angle Mode only ?
    Question #2 If I change the GUI Geo Fence Altitude and Distance limits, will I then need to Re-Calibrate my Typhoon Q500 K, for Compass ?
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    We ask that you keep your question to one post, this is the third such post you have made asking the same question. It is all about keeping information in one spot so others can also benefit from the answer instead of spending hours searching.

    To answer your question again, if you are always flying in angle mode you only need to adjust the Altitude limits, default is 122M and can go up to 1000M (3280') not that you would ever need to go that high.

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