Q500 4K Issue charging ST10+ remote

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  1. David How

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    Mar 20, 2020
    I have two Yuneec ST10+ remotes. I suddenly after not using my drone for a bit started having an issue charging them. I determined that one the cable connector does not seem to stay connected unless you hold and press it inwards. The other goes through the paces. The Yuneec logo come on the screen when it powered down, the flashing blue light for the battery starts blinking blue, and also if you touch the screen a icon of a blue charging battery comes on. Yet, I left it over night at it charged 4-5%. So, I plugged the cable into my computers USB (removing the charging plug that came with the drone). And I going to check it in about an hour.

    (I have this issue with the original Yuneec Batteries and some non-Yuneec batteries, same results)

    Is there a charger I can buy that allows me to bypass plugging in the remote and just connecting the battery directly? I just getting frustrated because my drone batteries charge fine. I just can not get the remotes charged. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    If your batteries won't charge after you swapped the USB cable, it is most likely they are bad. Long storage without charging allows the voltage to drop. LiPo batteries will not really come back if the voltage has dropped too low. You can sometimes get them to charge back to full voltage, but they won't have much capacity. They will go dead again in a short time.
    You may need to consider replacing the batteries.
  3. h-elsner

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  4. marcoc

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    Mar 21, 2020
    I have Typhoon Q500 4k. I canot update transmister & I need Help! Please Help me. make the frimware Updates on TYPHOON Q500 4K
    Urgent help.
    Friend can you help me get the TX and RF file with the firmware for the ST10 CONTROL version of a Typhoon q500 4k, could you give me a download link please thank you very much.

    Tengo Typhoon Q500 4k. ¡No puedo actualizar el transmisor y necesito ayuda! Por favor, ayúdame. hacer las actualizaciones de frimware en TYPHOON Q500 4K
    Ayuda urgente.
    Amigo, ¿puede ayudarme a obtener el archivo TX y RF con el firmware para la versión ST10 CONTROL de un Typhoon q500 4k? ¿Podría darme un enlace de descarga? Muchas gracias.
  5. h-elsner

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    Please do not fiddle around with RX or TX files. This is not needed. Those files never changed since a long time and many firmware versions.
    I guess you have a ST10+, right. In this case the firmware is here (only for the ST10+ !):
    Then follow the instruction for System-Update.

    br HE
  6. David How

    David How New Member

    Mar 20, 2020
    Thank you everyone but after a lot of TS determined the charger and cable were bad. Yet, the power cable for a Amazon Fire Stick is the same and charged both batteries in maybe 2 hrs. Ordered a replacement for one remote because the connector for charging is not connecting properly.
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