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    Half day at work, so headed down to the lake for the first time. Fun and educational, not everything went as well, as I'd envisioned though. It was a little after noon, bright, sunny day, about 85 F, almost no breeze. Learned that, midday is a bad time to fly, glare on the ST10+ screen is horrible, the sunscreen is useless, lanyards are too short, awkward, although I'm 6'4", so I'm use to things not fitting right... I got a lot of video to go through, most isn't very interesting though, will take some time pulling clips, for a highlights video. Grabbed a few screens of three alligators I spotted. I saw them from land, had to try and get them in frame, blind, couldn't see them at all on the screen. Got luck a few times, way off most of the time, when trying to get down close. Could really tell which way the camera was pointing, bright sunny day. Midday isn't a good time to do video, maybe if it was a little overcast, but that usually means a strong breeze around here.
    Gator01.jpg Gator02.jpg Gator03.jpg Gator04.jpg
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    A polarizing filter would help.
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