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    I have a new phone (REDMI 10S - USB C - Android 11) and I can't connect phone and controller. The drone is well connected with the phone, but the controller doesn't work. The blue light on the controller is solid, but only the commands of the phone are active ?
    With the same controller and my old REDMI 7A, no problem everything is OK.
    Problem of firmware between android 11 and controller ?
    I have Pilot 2.07 on the phone, firmware 1.0.01 on drone and controller.
    Other problem :
    I use the controller with version 2.04 and either a SAMSUNG tablet or a smartphone.
    With the tablet everything works perfectly. With the smartphone, I don't have access to European mapping. The thumbnail at the bottom left of the screen, has ideograms and the basemap remains blank.
    Is this a yuneec pilot version issue?

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