New FLIR drone camera collects non-contact temperature data

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    FLIR Systems Inc. has announced the latest camera in its thermal imaging series, adding radiometric data gathering capabilities that allow operators to collect accurate, non-contact temperature measurements from the air.

    Introduced at AUVSI’s Xponential 2016 trade show being held this week in New Orleans, the FLIR Vue Pro R retains all of the capabilities in the standard Vue Pro model but adds calibrated radiometric imaging that allows it to capture the temperature data of every pixel in an image.

    With the new radiometric functionality, drone operators have the ability to save the pictures in Radiometric JPEG format for post-flight image analysis, accurately measuring the temperatures of individual image pixels. Using FLIR Tools, a free download, adjustable settings include object emissivity, background temperature, target distance, relative humidity, and thermal sensitivity as well as assigning various color palettes for each image.

    “Without a doubt, radiometry is the most popular feature drone operators have requested, and we’re delivering that with Vue Pro R,” said Jeff Frank, FLIR’s senior vice president for product strategy.

    In addition to the radiometric thermal still images, the Vue Pro R records digital thermal video to an on-board micro-SD card. For applications such as electrical inspection, infrastructure assessment, and precision mapping, this on-board recording allows operators to capture high-quality thermal data for post processing and analysis.

    An updated mobile app with advanced radiometric functions uses the camera’s Bluetooth interface to connect to iOS and Android devices, making camera set-up and configuration easy. Through the app, operators can configure functions to ensure the best imagery possible for their conditions without having to connect the camera to a computer.

    The Vue Pro R will be available to purchase later this month through FLIR’s global network of drone camera dealers. The FLIR Vue Pro R starts at $2,999. To learn more, visit
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    I also had FLIR Vue Pro R which i bought from and it was really awesome and uses latest tech. I needed for infrastructure assessment and precision mapping and it proved itself.
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    As our latest technology gets advanced there has already brought such modifications in Drone-based Camera as well. It is really great news that it has the true capability to collect non-contact temperature. There are several information with proper details has given in best drone camera that will be useful for them.

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