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Discussion in 'ST10(+) Controller' started by Keith Chirsan, Nov 20, 2016.

  1. Keith Chirsan

    Keith Chirsan New Member

    May 30, 2016
    I have the CGO3 and ST10+. Blade branded.

    • Does the micro-SD card in the ST10 hold telemetry information? I tried to look at the files on mine after a recent 20 minute flight and it was blank. I think I may be doing something wrong. The video from the camera was great but nothing from the ST10 disk.

    • What file system? E.G. FAT32 etc.

    • Are there any files that need to reside on the disk?

    • Is there a certain size disk required? For some reason my setup from my LHS didn't come with a disk so I put in 64GB. Is that compatible?

    Thanks for any help! Links are good.
  2. Keith Chirsan

    Keith Chirsan New Member

    May 30, 2016
    OK before I get yelled at, a flood of info came up just after I posted my question. I will read them.
  3. PatR

    PatR Moderator
    Staff Member

    Jan 10, 2016
    Retired sUAS professional
    Central California

    FAT 32 is the default for the ST-10.

    The controller does not need a large storage device since the stored video is degraded. 16g is plenty adequate.

    No files need to be loaded onto the controller card unless you are performing a firmware upgrade.

    The camera will do great with a 32g, Class 10 or U3 card. It has to be very fast for recording good video. File sizes will always end up at about 5 minutes and then start a new file. A 64g card works fine in the camera as well. Don't waste it on the ST-10.
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  4. skypuppy7

    skypuppy7 Member

    Aug 30, 2016
    AIUI, you must use an 8 gig card if you're updating the firmware in the ST10(+). Otherwise, I generally keep a 16 Gb card in it which biw is way overkill, since after 20 fights, it starts overwriting the previous files. You can save those files on your computer via a USB cable.
    Also, there is a chance your SD card is not placed exactly right That happens often so you might want to open it up and see if the notches match the slots on the sides.

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