New VuFine+ HDMI Display with glasses on Kickstarter

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    A new product, an evolution of basic Vufine product, on Kickstarter Campaign:
    Vufine+ wearable hdmi display with glasses

    Presentation of Kickstarter Campaign:
    Built upon the invaluable feedback from our backers, we’re back with Vufine+: the next evolution in wearable displays. Vufine+ has a larger, more versatile display and a totally redefined docking station. Like our first unit, Vufine+ is able to connect to most major smartphones, laptops, tablets, drones and cameras to provide a second monitor or mirrored display for the user. This connection is achieved through the included micro-to-full HDMI cable and, depending on the device, appropriate HDMI adaptor. For Vufine and Vufine+ products, no adapter needed for Yuneec Typhoon H (ST16) or H920 (ST24).
    Compatible with any device capable of outputting a 720p HDMI signal
    Internal battery for a 90 minute runtime.

    Vufine+ offers 3 different display modes to allow users to optimize the display no matter what device they are using. The new Zoom Mode has increased the size of portrait displays and 4:3 landscape displays by 77% and the new Fit Mode expands 16:9 landscape by 33% with the Standard Mode designed specifically for unaltered 16:9 viewing.
    • Fit: The new Fit Mode has increased landscape by 33%
    • Zoom: The new Zoom Mode has increased the size of portrait displays by 77%
    • Standard: Designed specifically for unaltered 16:9 viewing.


    Vufine, Inc. (CA./USA) was founded in February 2015 by Goro Kosaka to create a simple, wearable display that utilized the functionality of current technology. Run by a small, talented group of likeminded individuals, the Vufine team is well versed in both the wearable market and myriad challenges facing a Silicon Valley hardware start-up. Since their first Kickstarter campaign the team has been hard at work improving the Vufine wearable display and are proud to come back to the community that made it all possible with Vufine+.

    campaign on Kickstarter and preorder:
    Contribution of US $ 179.00 at this moment:


    Basic Vufine product on the market:

    US store (Vufine basic product at this time):

    UK store (Vufine basic product at this time):

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