New Yuneec drone showing up in Europe?

Discussion in 'Mantis Q' started by gnomad, Aug 7, 2018.

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    Nov 27, 2016
    So what's up with the new Yuneec drone that seems to be a replacement for the Breeze that is showing up on Yuneec UK's website complete with advertising video?

    Haven't seen a thing on this side of the pond about it and at the price point they have a complete DUD!

    Electronically stabilized camera at 1080 even though it shoots 4K at 60fps? Priced at 499 Euros??

    Uh Yuneec better take a look at the Spark selling for $399 (on sale $319 at some dealers), the Anafi at $699 and the Mavic Air at $799.

    The Spark is at end of life so it should be replaced within a few months probably by Christmas so really Yuneec a drone with the same camera system as the 4yr old Parrot Beebop? Fail

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    I totally agree, it looks like Yuneec had a warehouse full of old parts and decided to throw together a new UAV. Other then the total speed of the thing it is a big time fail. Even the 20 degree upward looking camera is not that great. Yuneec has been going down hill for a long time now with CS and not having any firmware updates to the Hex series of UAV's
    They will survive but they are moving to the bottom of the pile pretty fast.
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