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    Does anyone already tested this type of video glasses with a Q500 ?


    PirateEye monocular video from Paya technology Limited could be on sunglasses or clear glasses with real-time delivery VGA (640x480) video attached over one eye.


    It's an adaptation of ICE tactical glasses serie from ESS:

    This product is not new. It has existed since more one year...

    For me the advantage that I see is that only one eye is taken and the other may be interested in the environment that can sometimes be dangerous. For example, in complete immersion (FPV) you can not see the ground and twist an ankle you see walking down ... and you have a very limited viewing angle like a horse wearing blinders. Which is not the case for this system because you keep one eye for your environment ;-)

    The screen is only under the direction of vision. You can look on the screen just above the screen or looking down. Your eyes can easily monitor the movements of your quad on top and at the same time, you can search to see your video camera slightly to the inside of the LCD, which lifted from your drone.

    You could even adjust correction for you vision if you need.

    To supply the monocular video glasses, a 1000mAh 3S LiPo battery is enought. They can operate between 6.4 and 18 volts (Lipo 2s to 4s on DC 2.1mm connector).

    I have not tested in situation and therefore is only information ;-)

    Video of test:

    Video of test and video capture for the glasses with an Apple iPhone 5S:

    PirateEye video glasses description:
    • VGA color LCD display (640x480)
    • 32 ° viewing angle of view equal to 48 inch diagonal display at 7 foot distance
    • Auto-selecting NTSC or PAL video signal
    • Power voltage 5 to 18 volts DC
    • Adjustable video angle of the screen to respond to look for your drone
    • Match your eyesight (-1 / +3 diopters)
    • Mounting on ESS glasses offer 100% protection UAV / UVB. Adjustable Earbends enable convenient, secure anatomical fit
    • Optional ESS Rx Inserts option allow the user his own prescription for a + / paste - 6 series of corrections with the eye patch for a low profile, lightweight prescription integration
    • RCA video plug adapter
    • Lens Cleaning Cloth
    • Flexible belt holster for convenient use
    • Shell case for safe storage and shipping for the standard version
    • Indicative price with VAT for the standard grey video glasses system without corrections: € 404.00
    • € 70.00 with VAT for the ESS ICE glasses (clear or grey) without the monocular
    For more informations:

    Paya technology Limited propose an other product:
    5,8 Ghz dual video receiver with OSD with 2 different antennas:
    • one high gain in 60° open angle
    • one omnidirectional.
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