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    Hi all. Looking for a good platform for real estate photography with the ability to do some mapping. I know that the H520 has Pix4D support but I don't want to lose features like "orbit me" "point of interest" and RealSense collision avoidance just to have a drone that I can do some photogrammetry with. After researching which mapping software to go with, I'm pretty set on Pix4D although having not bought it yet, I can't ask about it on their forum.

    Does anyone know if there are plans for Pix4D to support the H Plus? If they are willing, would Yuneec disallow it due to it potentially hurting sales of the 520?

    I really don't want a Phantom 4 for a number of reasons but right now it looks like the only platform circa $2K that fits.
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    Aug 1, 2016
    I do not know if there are plans for Pix4D to support the H Plus. This is pure conjecture, but I think Pix4D could easily make this happen IF Yuneec were inclined to let them/facilitate them. I had heard about an sdk being released for Yuneec products but I don't know which specific model that was for.

    Again this is just what I think. But I don't think Yuneec is necessarily worried about sales of one of their models versus another of their own. My thought is that Yuneec generally keeps their source code closed for safety.

    I hear what you are saying on the Phantom. I've flown my Chroma, a "DIY" multicopter with both the APM 2.6 and a Pixhawk and a Phantom 3 Pro. The Chroma and Phantom are both pleasures to fly. I really like the Yuneec controllers with the screen built in. However, I believe the simplest system and cheapest with all the features and capabilities you are interested in really is a Phantom 4.
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    PIX4D supports the 520.

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