Problème régale commande st16s sur h plus

Discussion in 'Typhoon H Plus Discussion' started by Fredvial, May 14, 2020.

  1. Fredvial

    Fredvial New Member

    May 9, 2020
    Following a problem I made a riset of the st16s remote control.
    Once reinstalled the drone control software for an hour, I have commands that no longer want to reset, especially the one that directs the camera.
    It is also impossible for me to update.
    Anyone have a solution?
    Thank you
  2. Fredvial

    Fredvial New Member

    May 9, 2020
    Suite à un problème j’ai fait un riset de la télécommande st16s.
    Une fois réinstallé le logiciel de contrôle du drone un h plus, j’ai des commandes qui ne veulent plus se remettre à zéro, surtout celle qui permette de diriger la caméra.
    Il m’est impossible également de faire la mise à jour.
    Quelqu’un aurait une solution ?
  3. WTFDproject

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    Oct 3, 2018
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    North Carolina Piedmont
    If the normal update process will not work, you can manually update the HPlus using SD Cards. Please see Attachment 28 ( SD Card Upgrade/Downgrade H Plus Firmware) in the document attached to "". The document is in English, but the structure of words was kept simple in hopes that a usable translation to other languages would be possible.
    Note the document menu is linked to the individual section. Click on the title of the section you want, and it will take you to the section.

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