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Discussion in 'Camera's (C-GO2/C-GO3/C-GO4)' started by seattlebruin, Jul 8, 2016.

  1. seattlebruin

    seattlebruin New Member

    Jul 8, 2016
    Hi everyone - I'm looking at buying a Q500, either the 500+ or 500 4k, but a little on the fence. Had some questions about the relative capabilities of the cameras
    • Do both cameras come with fully manual controls?
      • I noticed that in the CG02+ forum, there were a lot of posts about being unable to control WB, which seemed to imply that it did not have fully manual control. I don't mind post processing at all (my secondary job is as a photographer), so things like messed up WB and even most colors in a DNG file are no big deal
    • Is RAW (whether DNG or otherwise) available at all times on the cameras?
    • What's the longest shutter speed available on the camera? Is the quad relatively stable enough to even bother attempting this? I was considering trying some LE fireworks stills to see if I could get some cool effects
    • Are the lenses of both cameras rectilinear (e.g. not fisheye?)
    • Is the CG03 enough better in the sharpness and manual controls departments to make up for the 4 MP resolution difference between it and the CG02+?
    A little background - I'm decently experience building and flying quads, but my main passion is photography, hence all the camera questions. I'm semi interested in video, but by far my main interest is the quality of stills that come off the camera.

    Any chance anyone would be willing to share a few sample DNGs with me from either camera so I could take a look at them?
  2. Craig Adamson

    Craig Adamson New Member

    Sep 15, 2015
    Phoenix AZ USA
    I too am a photographer. I had read all the reviews and purchased a Q500 4K, with the CGO3 camera. As for the aircraft, it flies wonderfully. As for the camera, not so much. I use a Gopro 960 for wide angle video, a Samsung HD video camera for regular video and a Pentax K-50 for stills, on occasion a galaxy S4 phone for quick shots. Any of these on their worst day will put the CGO3 to shame on any setting. I still use it but just for playing around not anything serious. Very grainy and focus is lacking. Sorry to say it, as I had high hopes. Great aircraft, crap camera.
  3. The Video Guy

    The Video Guy New Member

    Oct 27, 2016
    I am reticent to by one without knowing if it is compatible with my Galaxy 7 smartphone as this is imperative.
    Anybody had difficulty with the Galaxy S7 when working with the CGO3 app. If so did you find a solution

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