Q500 4K q500 4k will not connect to st10+ only blinks white light

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    Mar 20, 2022
    hi guys and girls
    I just got a Q500 4k from a co-worker but it will not connect to the st10+ I have tried everything I can find in the forms so far but nothing works the light blinks white for a few seconds then it goes RGB and nothing the st10+ just says not connected (it says initializing but doesn't do anything) I have deleted and readded the model and camera but it does not show up in the binding menu

    any insight on how i can get this working?
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    The best start would be to run through the Q500 Binding verification document to identify the exact point of failure in the binding process. The process is NOT just a set of instructions. There are some initial steps to create the proper starting conditions. The sequence then falls into a routine of directing an action, then a step to confirm the expected results of the action. When you reach a step that does not confirm the expected result, STOP. Do not continue in the process. Report the step number and what you saw back here to a new post. It will give us a much better chance at finding the problem.
    This link leads to a copy of the verification document:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/zdv7qmwdx4mwn2n/Q500 Binding Verification.pdf?dl=0
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