Q500 4K Q500 flashing blue light- will not connect with st10+

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    Aug 30, 2022
    Hi Group please help?
    When I start up the system on both controller and the copter they link up and are bound together, but i am not betting any info on the st10+ controller from the copter. the light only flashes blue. The camera connects but not anything else. When i go to the setttings tab, the gps is on but is not highlighted and will not allow me to turn off. Also the calibration tab is not highlighted either.
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    Your camera is bound to the controller. The Drone is NOT.

    If you know how to do the factory binding process, that would be the easiest thing to try. See page 27 (ST10+ and Receiver Binding) of the Q500 manual attached at the bottom of this post as required. All models of the Q500 series use the same standard binding method.

    If the standard factory binding process does not work, you can use the full "Q500 Binding Verification" (https://www.dropbox.com/s/zdv7qmwdx4mwn2n/Q500 Binding Verification.pdf?dl=0), which is far more time consuming. The verification is not just "binding instructions". It is a verification of the MANY hidden clues in the binding process. The purpose is to identify abnormal conditions that are preventing a successful bind and to identify the exact point the binding process is failing. That information can assist in determining the best course to remedy the problem.
    You will need to perform every step up to the point the verification does not match what you see. Do not skip any steps. Every step must be performed. Even the steps you have no doubt are already in the correct condition. After some preparation steps, the verification falls into a routine of directing an action, then verifying the correct response to the action. When you reach a verification step that does not match what you see, or if you are unsure if it matches, STOP. Report the step number back to the forum, and what you actually saw at that step. We can then go from there.

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