Some Very Good News For Damaged Gimbal Boards

Discussion in 'Help' started by Jagerbomb52, Oct 2, 2015.

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  2. I had one of the ports come off of my cgo2+ I got my dad to drop my Q to the Barnet branch in London as my dad live not that far away from there they had my Q for about 3 days and I got a call telling me it was fixed and it didn't cost me a penny it was all done under warranty so I couldn't be happier that's the second time they have fixed my Q the first time the shaft that the prop go's on came loose and the same thing happened I got a call after 3 or 4 day telling me it was fixed I must say I've had nothing but good experience's with yuneec
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    Lee advised he lost a port, that is no way a warranty issue.

    There is no way Yuneec will swap out a camera unless its their fault. Too expensive.

    The technician there is more than capable of fixing it as he has a great in depth experience of RC models. If it could be fixed it will be otherwise customer is advised accordingly and given a bill.

    Don't forget its all about what the actual damage is to the board.

    BTW I advised Yuneec about the tools the lady used so just maybe :)
  4. I get you now for those whos warranty has run out :oops:
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    I can appreciate her work. I used to work on Ericsson two-way trunking
    radios when I worked for the Department Of Energy. After a while, we switched
    over to the Motorola EDACS encrypted system. The components got even smaller.
    I still do this scale of work from time to time. (Luckily, not that much anymore.)
    At this scale, soldering irons aren't very useful. Most of the soldering is done with
    fine jets of hot air. I admire her calmness when doing it. If I have ANY caffeine
    before working on SMT components or PLCC, QFP & BGA chips, I get shaking so
    bad that it's almost useless.

    Some of my tools of the trade:
    Tools 1.JPG
    Notice that EVERYTHING is now lead-free. (When you see RoHS compliant on
    equipment that you buy, it means that it's lead-free.) The solder is now a tin/silver/copper
    or just tin/copper mix instead of the old tin/lead mixture. I like the silver stuff better
    because of the way it flows but, of course, it's more expensive. It's worth it, though, when
    you don't have to worry about your own work failing from using cheaper solder.
    This is the flux she is using. It's not the old nasty brown paste from the old days.
    It's a crystal clear semi-viscous liquid and absolutely required for this work.
    Tools 2.JPG
    If anyone has questions about the video, I'll answer them to the best of my ability.
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    Ha--I'm "the lady that repairs them" I just found this thread looking for a schematic or boardview of another that I am fixing now. I think I'll make another YouTube video about it---this one requires a connector with all pads missing but one, plus an inductor coil has broken in half. I was hoping to be able to find a match for the coil, but if not---I guess I'm going to try and solder the actual wires of the component itself!

    If anyone, like OP here, has given up on their gimbal PCB, I would love any dead ones for donor boards to use for repairs for this community.

    Find me at the iPad Rehab website.
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    Oh wow Jessa, thanks for stopping in. I am the one you did the repair for. I can say it works perfect and many HI 5"s to you for your work.
    Welcome to our little community
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    Dec 30, 2015
    I only saw a mention of cell phone related info.

    I need repair for my gimble & board (since last week's mishap) and keep ending up in dead end roads or no reply from any shop yet.

    Is there a different link?
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    She does all kinds of micro soldering. If it can be done she and her crew will get it done. Her main business is Ipad and smart phones. Email her and ask what she can do for you.

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