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Discussion in 'H520 Hexacopter' started by metnik, Oct 29, 2018.

  1. metnik

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    Oct 29, 2018

    Do you have any information about the h520-G manufactured in collaboration with 3DR? I want to buy a UAV (drone) not being blocked in derogation zone for Belgium.

    And that it does not send a copy of my data collected in China or elsewhere as at dji.

    I am looking for a model that can give a good accurate result in centimeter measurement, for 3D plans of Geometers, architects, ...

    The H520 for beginners I like, especially the affordable price, but no camera offers a reliable measurement accuracy. Or I'm wrong ?

    This h520-G equipped with 3DR however would be correct for measurements?

    Excuse me for my English and thank you in advance;


    Avez-vous des informations concernant le h520-G fabriquer en collaboration avec la société 3DR ? je désire acheter un uav (drone) n’étant pas bloqué en zone de dérogation pour la Belgique.

    Et que celui-ci n’envoie pas une copie de mes données récoltées en Chine ou autre part comme chez dji.

    Je cherche un modèle pouvant donner de bon résultat précis en mesure centimétriques, pour des plans 3D de Géomètres, architectes, …

    Le H520 pour débuter me plait bien, surtout le prix abordable, mais aucune camera n’offre une précision de mesure sure. Ou je me trompe ?

    Ce h520-G équipé par 3DR serait cependant correcte pour les mesures ?

    Excusez-moi pour mon English et merci d’avance ;

  2. Ben Hale

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    Feb 14, 2019
    I see you never got a response to your question here. Did you purchase the H520-G? I have just recently purchased one, to resolved the data security issues that you mention (sending data to China). I have not used it enough to recommend it. Several other sources out there indicate that this platform

    3DR is not a piece of is an American based company that is purchasing the Yuneec H520 from China and then adding an after-market controller that is supposed to add security. I am not sure if any hardware on the actual drone platform is modified at all.

    A high-quality camera, at least 16 GB, can collect enough photos to make a 3D model. Programs like Pix4d ( is top of the line. Find a drone that can process that data, use Ground Control Points to correct your drone's GPS-tagged photos, and you can do photogrammetry.

    I am new at this, so ask around, check the drone podcasts, and youtube channels like

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